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Contemporary Furniture with an artisan flair made for interior designers, decorators, architects, and others in the trade
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Facet takes a modern approach to classic design with an artisan’s touch. Our made to order pieces of furniture are hand-built by a passionate team that takes pride in every piece. Inspired by traditional and modern influences, these unique masterpieces are sure to exude a timeless elegance. Facet is currently available to the trade only.

Founded in 2018 by Michael Morrow, Owner of MDM Design Studio.

Born and currently living in Birmingham, Michael stays in touch with popular design in the Birmingham area as well as other markets. He is strongly influenced by Italian design principles and has a love for the fine furniture that is produced in modern Italian style. He has traveled to see many of the products offered by some of the world’s best furniture producers and looks to them as an inspiration for his own work.

Scoop Mirror in Walnut by Facet Furniture
Juxtapo Side Table by facet furniture